411 Victoria Park

This year, students from grades 1 and 2, 4, 5 and 8 from Blantyre Public School, participated in a child-friendly park consultation working closely with Evergreen. Students were asked to imagine, design and develop their dream park to be located within the new community being developed by Diamond Kilmer at 411 Victoria Park Avenue.

Evergreen engaged and helped the participants bring their ideas forward through workshops that encouraged consideration for all stakeholders and identification of what makes a park more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Looking to be inspired? Follow the link to the YouTube video to see the thoughtful ideas expressed that will definitely be considered as detailed planning and design for this new park advance. It was incredible to hear from student representatives from Blantyre PS at the June 2021 Scarborough Community Council who presented their ideas with all of the skill and professionalism, of perhaps, future planners. We could only be so lucky!

Evergreen Community Design