11 Macey

In December 2020, Scarborough Southwest welcomed new residents to its first modular housing site at 11 Macey Avenue in Oakridge in the middle of the pandemic.

The process took a mere eight months from Council approval to occupancy – a timeline that was supported by full Council to address the housing crisis here in the City of Toronto and as part of the Housing TO 2020-2030 Action Plan that includes creating 1,000 new modular homes in Toronto to provide a rapid and dignified response to connect people experiencing homelessness with HOMES & SUPPORT to help them achieve housing stability.

Thanks to the community, program provision and support by The Neighbourhood group & COTA, the Community Liaison Committee and TPS, a year later 11 Macey is a model of excellence.

Finally, this past September, we were able to celebrate in person with a Meet & Greet with residents, staff, the community Mayor Tory, Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão and Councillor Brad Bradford. I was thrilled to be able to share a piece of my art with residents and get to know everyone at 11 Macey even a little bit better.