Why are the Scarborough Bluffs experiencing erosion and landslides?   Landslides are caused by soil erosion. This is a natural process where wind and water cause movement of soil. Wave action against the bottom of the bluffs, washes material away, undercutting the bluff base, creating an over-steep and less stable slope. This creates the potential for landslides to develop. Heavy [...]


Jane’s Walk Toronto

Jane's Walk Toronto Love your community? You should lead a Jane's Walk! Jane’s Walk is an annual festival of free, community-led walking conversations, held in Toronto May 5-7, 2023. Anyone can lead a Jane's Walk because everyone is an expert in their own experience of the places they live, work, and play. Anyone means you! A Jane’s Walk is a [...]


Native Tree Giveaway

Native Tree Giveaway The Cliffcrest Butterflyway is holding another tree giveaway event in June at the Scarborough Food Security Initiative Community Farm. Orders for up to 2 free trees/shrubs must be placed by May 18th.


Golden Age Social

Golden Age Social Feed Scarborough is launching a senior's cooking program! This is a free 12 week program happening once a week! It's a great way for people to get out, learn skills, and share stories over great meals!


Frozen Pipes Prevention Public Education Campaign

Toronto Water is launching its annual Frozen Pipes campaign, which aims to educate residents on the steps they can take to help avoid drinking water pipes from freezing in their homes. This campaign will run throughout January and February. Frozen pipes can leave you with no water or cause your pipes to burst. Take steps to avoid frozen pipes and [...]


Budget 2023 Launch

January 10, 2023 This morning, the City of Toronto's 2023 Operating and Capital Budget was presented to the Budget Committee. Some highlights of Budget 2023 are as follows: The proposed 2023 budget will work to protect frontline services without making the affordability crisis worse for Torontonians. This budget demonstrates my and Council’s commitment to building housing, delivering on transit, keeping [...]


Mayor Tory Announces 2023 Budget Investments in Toronto Paramedic Service and Toronto Fire Services

January 6 , 2023 Today, Mayor John Tory, Councillor Gary Crawford, Chair of the Budget Committee, Councillor Shelley Carroll, Chair of the Economic and Community Development Committee, and local Councillor James Pasternak, Chair of the General Government Committee, made an announcement on investments in the 2023 budget for lifesaving paramedic and fire frontline services. Mayor Tory announced the 2023 budget [...]


Mayor Tory Announces Housing and Other Nuts and Bolts Investments in the 2023 Budget

January 6, 2023 Today, Mayor John Tory, Councillor Gary Crawford, Chair of the Budget Committee, Councillor Jennifer McKelvie, Deputy Mayor, and Councillor Brad Bradford, Chair of the Planning and Housing Committee outlined proposed investments in the 2023 budget to improve and protect nuts and bolts city services that Torontonians rely on. Crucially this budget proposes to invest nearly $2 billion [...]


Mayor Tory Announces Transit Investments in the 2023 Budget

January 4, 2023 Today, Mayor John Tory, Councillor Gary Crawford, Chair of the Budget Committee, and Councillor Jon Burnside, Chair of the TTC, outlined proposed investments in the 2023 budget that will keep Toronto safe, and will be presented to the TTC Board and Budget Committee next week. Mayor Tory, Councillor Crawford, and Councillor Burnside announced investments to protect transit, [...]

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