Gary Crawford

Councillor, Ward 20 Scarborough Southwest

Gary Crawford is currently serving his fourth term as a Toronto City Councillor for Ward 20, Scarborough Southwest. He is recognized as a respected leader and consensus builder by his Councillor colleagues. He has been appointed by Council, for a third term, as Budget Chair and as a member of the Mayor’s Executive Committee among other important roles.

Gary entered politics in 2003 as a Toronto District School Board Trustee for Scarborough Southwest after a stint in his daughters’ Parent Council for R.H. King Academy. He came to know then the importance of being involved and value of giving service to the community and has continued to be a strong representative for Scarborough Southwest.

Gary’s commitment and deep understanding of the City, its Agencies and fiscal governance, has provided him the unique opportunity to investigate and give direction on how the City can operate more fairly and efficiently. He is a powerful advocate for innovative change in how Municipal Government operates, and his advocacy for multi-year long term planning has created a solid foundation for improvement.

Through his proven leadership Gary was the first Councillor in the City to implement the affordable modular housing project. He also led the way for the City in becoming the first jurisdiction in Ontario for the implementation of Emotion-Centred Care.

As a professional artist and musician Gary is a passionate advocate for arts and culture and was instrumental in historic funding increases for the arts. He led a process to amalgamate the three Civic Theatres to create a world class, seven stage, multi-arts centre that provides a full range of TO Live performing arts, theatrical and concert events.

Gary is passionate about his Ward 20 Community and the City of Toronto. With his leadership, Scarborough Southwest has a visible and important presence at City Hall.

Committees and Boards:

Budget Committee (opens in new window), Chair

Striking Committee (opens in new window)

Civic Appointments Committee (opens in new window), Chair

Scarborough Community Council (opens in new window)

Board of Directors of TO Live (opens in new window), as the Mayor’s designate

Exhibition Place Board of Governors (opens in new window), Chair and the Mayor’s designate

Debenture Committee (opens in new window)

Artscape Toronto (opens in new window)

Toronto Arts Council (opens in new window)