Please Recycle Right

Bad things happen when the wrong items are placed in the Blue Bin. How bad? Bad enough that they can damage equipment, cause workplace injuries at the recycling facility and ruin otherwise perfectly good recyclables. Contaminated recycling is currently costing the City millions annually. Approximately one third of what is put in the Blue Bin doesn’t belong there. That’s a big problem you can help fix.

Tips to help you recycle right:

• Know before you throw. Visit to learn what does and does not go in your Blue Bin.
• Check the Waste Wizard, the City’s quick-and-easy search tool to find out what goes where. The Waste Wizard is available online or through the new TOwaste app.
• Empty and rinse food containers before tossing them in your Blue Bin and put any food scraps in your Green Bin.
• Donate items in good condition, such as used clothes, shoes, blankets, and curtains to not-for-profit agencies (visit for donation locations).
• Don’t assume that everything with a recycling symbol is accepted in a municipal recycling program.