Issues - Scarborough Southwest, Ward 36

Councillor Crawford presents Rink Social

Snow storm – Update

Most of us woke to something akin to this picture this morning.

I am hearing from residents that areas have been missed or under serviced following last evening’s record breaking snowfall. Crews have been working around the clock to manage the cleanup, and yes some areas have been inadvertently missed. We have 200 salters, 300 sidewalk machines and 600 road plows showing their real-time locations on PlowTO.…/road-ma…/winter-maintenance/plowto/

If you are experiencing a snow removal issue on your street, sidewalk. or with a windrow (the snow ridge across the end of your driveway after the road has been plowed) first contact 311 to report the matter, and then contact my office with your 311 Ticket # so that we can track and escalate a prompt resolution. This will be the most effective way to address an oversight without duplicating requests. Thank you for your patience as we work through this. Grateful we have better equipment & technology today than we did in 1968, which was the last time we had a snowfall equal to this!

Councillor Gary Crawford on Traffic Safety at Birch Cliff PS

Accessible Pedestrian Signals – Brimley & St. Clair

The accessible pedestrian signals (APS) at Brimley Road and St. Clair Avenue were activated January 22. The APS are push button activated (push button must be depressed for at least three seconds) and adjust to ambient sound levels.

Councillor Gary Crawford Celebrating Winterlicious at Aiolio

Councillor Gary Crawford Winter Event

Free Programs at your Local Library Branch

Starting this week, at your local library branch! Free programs for babies, toddlers and children.

More information on programs for the whole family, available here

Noise Bylaw Review

The City of Toronto is reviewing the Noise Bylaw, and wants to hear from you. The current bylaw provides standards for noise, and applies to all properties in Toronto.

The review aims to introduce updates that reflect our growing and vibrant city, while enhancing the noise standards that protect the residents of Toronto. Public consultations in January – February 2019 aim to present and seek feedback on emerging Noise Bylaw updates.

Your feedback will be used to recommend updates to the Noise Bylaw in a report going to Council in spring 2019.
There are a number of ways you can be involved and help shape policy.

Attend public consultations: There will be five public consultations, each focused on a particular area of the Noise Bylaw, from January 28 – February 06, 2019. View the Public Consultation Schedule below.

Submit feedback for the Noise Bylaw Review: contact by February 28, 2019.

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Scarborough Garden’s Arena

Scarborough Arena Gardens is currently COLD! The heat exchangers are cracked, and require replacement. The team is working hard to expedite replacement. In the meantime, the stands aren’t being heated. More to come…


Celebrate Winterlicious throughout the City from January 25th to February 7 with over 200 restaurants. Very much looking forward to support Aiolio, as the only restaurant in Scarborough Southwest participating. Reservations for Winterlicious open on January 10th.…/festivals-events/winterlicious/