News - Scarborough Southwest Ward 36

UPDATE – McCowan District Park

Staff have stated that they had the snow clearing issue which took far longer than they hoped due to misuse of the rink after hours (rink was utilized over night while snow covered., the public electing to clear the snow into the boards) which necessitated staff to hand clear the majority of the snow from the rink instead of utilizing equipment. Staff had mechanical issues with the ice resurfacer and last night there were electrical issues and the ice rink lights would not come on.

Staff is working very hard to overcome all of the issues and are committed to providing the posted service hours to the community.

Harding Parkette / Harrison Estates Fitness Pod

As you may be aware, a community meeting was recently held regarding a proposed Fitness Pod for Harding Parkette.

To capture a wider scope of opinion, please see the following link to view the proposal and include your feedback on the location and design.

Budget 2018 is a good news budget


Today we launched the 2018 operating and Capital Budget process.

I am proud to say that we are starting in a much better position this year than we have in previous years.

Unlike previous years, there is no operating budget gap to close in the staff proposed budget.

For the fourth year in a row, property taxes will be kept at or below the rate of inflation.

We will have a TTC fare freeze for our city’s millions of daily transit riders.

Millions more will be invested in the TTC and what will be an expanded system with 6 new subway stations opening on December 17.

Funding for social housing repairs will continue and no Toronto Community Housing units will be permanently closed.

More police officers will be hired and deployed with a focus on community safety while, for the second year in a row, the police budget will be flat lined, something that had not been achieved by past administrations.

More shelter beds will open.

And $170 million in additional gas tax money secured from the province by Mayor Tory will begin to be factored into the city’s capital budget.

The city’s fiscal health is strong and sound.

We have strong and stable credit ratings. our reserves are healthy. we have a low debt burden.

this is a good news budget – it invests in key areas while keeping spending low and keeping tax increases low.

but there is still more work to be done over the next few weeks.

there are a number of priorities – these are things that councillors would like to see added to the budget – that have to be considered.

The mayor has been clear he will be supporting:

  • Time-based transfers for the TTC which will allow people to hop on and off transit without having to pay again and again.
  • Increases to the poverty reduction strategy, including implementing a fair fare pass to help those in our city who can’t necessarily afford to ride the TTC.
  • Increased investments in childcare.
  • Investments in additional traffic

Measures aimed at fighting congestion including permanent funding for quick clear squads and traffic wardens along with funding for smart, traffic-moving technology.

  • Funding for the city’s TransformTO plan to help us invest in a strong and resilient city.

So we’ve got some work to do but I’m confident we will find a way to support our key priorities and maintain a budget that invests in key areas while keeping tax increases as low as possible.

Our residents want us to build the city but they also appreciate that we strike the right balance – that we tighten spending, find efficiencies and don’t hike taxes sky-high.

There will be the usual disagreements – many will want us to simply raise taxes as high as possible and, once again, they will make outrageous claims about the proposed budget and its impacts.

Others may argue we should simply slash important services without thought to the true impact on our hardworking residents or not bother building up the city for the future.

Once again, for the fourth year in row I’m confident we will strike the right, responsible balance that people expect.

Thank you.

Sunrise Gate Development – 1316 Kingston Road

The Sunrise Gate Development – 1316 Kingston Road – will be coming to Scarborough Committee of Adjustment on December 7th.

For further information, please click on the following link

Birchmount Community Centre Playground – Update

The development of the Birchmount Community Centre Playground is proceeding on schedule, with an anticipated completion date in November 2017. The project is being coordinated to suit the Community Centre’s programming requirements and to minimize any disruptions to the facility.

Lomco Construction was awarded the project in June 2017. They have finished installing the playground equipment. They’ve also completed the work to create shade shelters and concrete padding. The final playground surface installation of rubber tiles, safety inspections, and landscaping will continue into late November 2017.

Upcoming Community Consultation

Core Development Group is acquiring several properties at the northwest corner of Kingston Road and Manderley Drive for the purpose of creating a new mixed-use residential and retail development. Wherever we invest in a community we look to build upon the qualities that make it a great place to live, work and shop.

One of the ways we make sure this happens is through consultations with community  members. Through these consultations we aim to understand community aspirations, identify design principles, and use these principles to inform the development proposal.

Please join us on Monday, November 13 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at St. Nicholas Birch Cliff Anglican Church for a community consultation where you can share your ideas and feedback on the urban design principles and preliminary design concepts for the site. Any and all are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served.

RSVP is appreciated. Please email to confirm your attendance.  If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please contact:

Ken Wilcox
Development Manager,
Core Development Group
(416) 966-2673 ext: 306

Remembrance Day Service at Scarborough Centotaph

This year’s Remembrance Day Ceremony will take place at the Scarborough Cenotaph (Kingston Road and Danforth Avenue)on November 11th beginning at 10:30 a.m.

You can download the Remembrance Day Service program here. Information on other ceremonies throughout the City can be found here.

Great news for the upcoming skating season!

Weather permitting, the McCowan Park rink will open for skating in December.

Thanks to a temporary refrigeration system, the McCowan Park Rink will allow residents to enjoy outdoor skating this upcoming season. The skating trail, unfortunately, will not open until next year.

Since the moment we got the disappointing news about the delays I have been working diligently with staff to find a solution and make sure that we can lace up our skates this coming season.

Mayor Tory commented, “I’m glad City staff – working with Councillor Crawford’s office and my office – have found a way to make sure there is an ice rink in McCowan District Park this winter.

“I look forward to the opening of the temporary rink as soon as weather permits. Councillor Crawford and I will also both be keeping a close eye on the construction of the permanent rink and skating path to make sure it gets finished as soon as possible.”

More information on the park improvements and delays can be found on the Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation project page.

Fairmount Public School’s 8th Annual Fall Fair

Fairmount Public School is having their 8th Annual Fall Fair on Saturday, October 21, from 11am -3pm.

The school fair will consist of a variety of venues including games, auctions, contests, activities, food and live entertainment. All proceeds go directly toward upgrading the programs and equipment at the school.

Fairmount Public School is designated a S.T.E.A.M School (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math), which focuses on learning through inquiry based methods while learning through the Arts.

As always the school fair is about Family, Fun and Community Spirit! So come out and enjoy:
Bouncy castle — Pumpkin Patch — Spooky Scary haunted House — Kids Raffle Room — Vendor Tables – Pizza — Cookie Decorating — Popcorn & Cotton Candy — Fire Truck Tour — Tea Room — Yummy Food — Face Painting — Dutch & Silent Auctions — Live Entertainment — Arts & Crafts Room — Scavenger Hunt — Loads of Games & much more!

For more Information, Sponsorships or Donations please email or call (416) 396 6240

Fairmount Public School is located at 31 Sloley Rd., Scarborough, Ont., M1M 1C7 —  2 Blocks South of Kingston Rd & McCowan.

Pumpkin Parade Comes to Cliffside

Celebrate the first annual Pumpkin Parade in Cliffside

Wednesday, November 1st
Sandown Park
 (50 Natal Avenue)
7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Bring your family, friends, carved pumpkins and tea candles to add to our pumpkin pathway and celebrate this candle lit community event.

Pumpkin parades in Toronto started 15 years ago in Sorauren Park where the day after Halloween, people brought their jack-o-lanterns to the park so that everyone could see all of the great creativity in the area. Now, the event is hosted in 35 parks across the city where thousands of pumpkins are on display every November 1st.

Pumpkin parades provide an opportunity for people from the neighbourhood to see all of the great artwork and creativity that goes with carving Jackolanterns, in a single location, without having to wear costumes or hand out candy.

People who have invested time and money into carving jackolanterns now have a great second event where their artwork can and will be appreciated.

The City supports these community events and supplies a centralized green bin in the park for collections.

Thank you to the hard-working, dedicated volunteers of the Scarborough Bluffs Community Association who have brought this event to our community.

For more information visit to