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Storm Update

Dear Residents,

Another storm is on its way and many of us are still feeling the fallout from the last snow storm and the numerous clearing issues. As you may know, I was on site surveying the ward, speaking with residents, and assessing the many concerns. I then escalated those concerns to the Director of Transportation and the Director of 311. Additionally, last week I moved a motion at Budget Committee to support a review of our snow clearing practices and to include: a study of service levels around snow removal; the threshold for declaring a major snow event to trigger parking restrictions along key routes so those routes can be cleared quicker and more thoroughly; a zero tolerance system for vehicle blocking streetcar routes; best practices and technology used in other Canadian cities when dealing with snow and ice; cost considerations for the delivery of enhanced snow clearing of sidewalks on residential streets in every neighbourhood, pathways in Parks; enforcement of parking that obstructs Toronto Transit Commission and bike lanes; and cost of increasing the amount of snow removal city-wide.

With that being said, I ask that you continue to follow the City’s process so that we can track your issues, along with the response from City staff and contractors. Please inform 311 of any issues, once the snow has stopped. They will provide a ticket number. If the issue persists, please contact our office and we will include your street in our follow-up to senior staff.

I continue to advocate for you to ensure that senior staff are aware of any exceptional issues, and appreciate your patience. Please note the following clearing timelines:

Expressways with 2-5 cm accumulation, 2-3 hours after the snow stops falling
Arterial roads with 5 cm accumulation, 6-8 hours after
Collector roads, bus routes and local streets with hills with 5-8 cm, 14-16 hours after
All other local streets with 8 cm, 14-16 hours after

During extreme events, as we have recently experienced, it takes considerably longer for the initial response and longer again to resolve resultant issues.

Our teams tends to hear most about issues on local roads. Transportation has advised me that when the snow begins to stick to the road surface, they send out their fleet of salt trucks to local roads. On local roads, plowing will commence after approximately 8cm of snow has accumulated and the snowfall has substantially stopped. Plowing operations on local roads will take approximately fourteen to sixteen hours after the end of the snowfall.

Please refer to the Plow TO Map for live updates during and after the storm:



Coffee with your Councillor

Join me at our inaugural “Coffee with your Councillor” at The Birchcliff (1666 Kingston Road) from 12-2pm.

Hope to see you there!

Public Presentations on the 2019 Capital and Operating Budgets

Your chance to be heard at the Public Presentations on the 2019 Capital and Operating Budgets.

The Budget Subcommittees will hear Public Presentations on the 2019 Capital and Operating Budgets at the locations and times listed below.

Members of the public may register to speak at one of these meetings by emailing or by calling 416-392-4666, indicating the specific location and time.

Budget Subcommittee – Scarborough Consultations:
Scarborough Civic Centre, Council Chamber, Thursday, February 7, 2019 – 3:00 PM URL:
Scarborough Civic Centre, Council Chamber, Thursday, February 7, 2019 – 6:00 PM URL:

Budget Subcommittee – City Hall Consultations:
Toronto City Hall, Committee Room 1, Thursday, February 7, 2019 – 9:30 AM URL:
Toronto City Hall, Committee Room 1, Thursday, February 7, 2019 – 6:00 PM URL:

Councillor Crawford presents Rink Social

Snow storm – Update

Most of us woke to something akin to this picture this morning.

I am hearing from residents that areas have been missed or under serviced following last evening’s record breaking snowfall. Crews have been working around the clock to manage the cleanup, and yes some areas have been inadvertently missed. We have 200 salters, 300 sidewalk machines and 600 road plows showing their real-time locations on PlowTO.…/road-ma…/winter-maintenance/plowto/

If you are experiencing a snow removal issue on your street, sidewalk. or with a windrow (the snow ridge across the end of your driveway after the road has been plowed) first contact 311 to report the matter, and then contact my office with your 311 Ticket # so that we can track and escalate a prompt resolution. This will be the most effective way to address an oversight without duplicating requests. Thank you for your patience as we work through this. Grateful we have better equipment & technology today than we did in 1968, which was the last time we had a snowfall equal to this!

Councillor Gary Crawford on Traffic Safety at Birch Cliff PS

Accessible Pedestrian Signals – Brimley & St. Clair

The accessible pedestrian signals (APS) at Brimley Road and St. Clair Avenue were activated January 22. The APS are push button activated (push button must be depressed for at least three seconds) and adjust to ambient sound levels.

Councillor Gary Crawford Celebrating Winterlicious at Aiolio

Councillor Gary Crawford Winter Event