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Guild Festival Theatre Fundraiser

To help put its fundraising campaign over the top, the Guild Festival Theatre is holding a “Monte Carlo Night” on April 19th at the Guild Inn Estate. This event is organized by a group of community organizations eager to see top-quality arts and culture events continue in east Toronto.

GFT announced earlier this year that its 2018 season was in jeopardy and it required major new funding sources.

The April 19th event will feature games of chance played for fun, with the opportunity to win great prizes, along with d’oeuvres and a buffet provided by The Guild Inn Estate. Music and live entertainment are provided with all proceeds going to the Guild Festival Theatre.

For more information and to make a charitable donation visit

Karla Groten Benefit Concert

Karla Groten was a vibrant member of our community and she is missed. An ardent supporter of the Toronto Beaches Children’s Chorus, the choir will perform a benefit concert for Karla Groten’s children on Saturday February 24th at 7 p.m. at Kingston Road United Church.

The evening will feature performances by Karla’s daughter, Haley and other guest artists. A free-will offering will be accepted at the door. There will be a silent auction and bake sale as well.

Use PlowTO’s Interactive Map for Snow Clearing information

During the winter season, from November to April, Transportation Services patrols expressways, arterial roads, and potential “trouble spots” on Toronto roads 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Staff monitors detailed weather forecasts so that the appropriate response to conditions can be activated.

Follow this link to use an interactive map that can help you find out when your road has been salted and plowed. Use the colour coded legend on the left side of the map to see a real-time indicator for snow clearing, salters, plows and sidewalk plows. Follow this link for information about clearing snow and ice from your property.

Contact information for winter inquires and emergencies:
TTY: 416-338-0TTY (0889)

twitter@311 Toronto
twitter@Toronto Winter Operations

Public Information Meeting:

Highview Park Accessible Baseball Diamond Project

The City of Toronto has developed a preliminary concept plan for Highview Park in partnership with Jays Care Foundation, the charitable arm of the Blue Jays, to build Toronto’s first fully-accessible baseball diamond.

Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Time: 6:30 to 8 p.m.
Location: Birch Cliff Heights Public School Gymnasium, 120 Highview Ave.

For more information, view and download the PDF notice.

2018 Community Projects and Events Funding

The City of Toronto provides one-time funding that supports community groups and organizations to build vibrant, equitable, inclusive and safe communities.

What is your organization’s funding need?

To develop a product, tool or resource to respond to a community need so that you can:

  • Increase your organization’s impact by doing things better?
  • Increase community impact by working with others?
  • Diversify who you serve and strengthen access and equity?

Apply to the Community Projects grant stream. Visit our website to review our grant guidelines and application questions.

Or, is it to create a neighbourhood activity or event that brings different groups of people together to:

  • Make your neighbourhood better?
  • Keep people active?
  • Help residents learn new skills and build leadership capacity?

Apply to the Community Events grant stream. Visit our website to review our grant guidelines and application questions.

Find out if your project idea fits: Visit the Community Projects & Events web page to find out about Information Sessions.


Trial Bus Service to Bluffers Park

After working closely with staff at Parks, TTC and Transportation Services, I’ve secured a trial bus service for visitors to Bluffers Park for weekends and holidays.

This will offer safer passage for pedestrians and a much needed alternative to driving.

Follow this link for the full report.

Kingston Road Safety Meeting

A meeting will be held on January 18th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at St. Nicholas Birch Cliff Church, 1512 Kingston Road.

Kingston Road has significant traffic issues, and changing driver behavior can be challenging.
Measures have been taken to make roads safer, but more can be done.

View and download a PDF notice of the upcoming Kingston Road Safety meeting.

UPDATE – McCowan District Park

Staff have stated that they had the snow clearing issue which took far longer than they hoped due to misuse of the rink after hours (rink was utilized over night while snow covered., the public electing to clear the snow into the boards) which necessitated staff to hand clear the majority of the snow from the rink instead of utilizing equipment. Staff had mechanical issues with the ice resurfacer and last night there were electrical issues and the ice rink lights would not come on.

Staff is working very hard to overcome all of the issues and are committed to providing the posted service hours to the community.

Harding Parkette / Harrison Estates Fitness Pod

As you may be aware, a community meeting was recently held regarding a proposed Fitness Pod for Harding Parkette.

To capture a wider scope of opinion, please see the following link to view the proposal and include your feedback on the location and design.

Budget 2018 is a good news budget


Today we launched the 2018 operating and Capital Budget process.

I am proud to say that we are starting in a much better position this year than we have in previous years.

Unlike previous years, there is no operating budget gap to close in the staff proposed budget.

For the fourth year in a row, property taxes will be kept at or below the rate of inflation.

We will have a TTC fare freeze for our city’s millions of daily transit riders.

Millions more will be invested in the TTC and what will be an expanded system with 6 new subway stations opening on December 17.

Funding for social housing repairs will continue and no Toronto Community Housing units will be permanently closed.

More police officers will be hired and deployed with a focus on community safety while, for the second year in a row, the police budget will be flat lined, something that had not been achieved by past administrations.

More shelter beds will open.

And 0 million in additional gas tax money secured from the province by Mayor Tory will begin to be factored into the city’s capital budget.

The city’s fiscal health is strong and sound.

We have strong and stable credit ratings. our reserves are healthy. we have a low debt burden.

this is a good news budget – it invests in key areas while keeping spending low and keeping tax increases low.

but there is still more work to be done over the next few weeks.

there are a number of priorities – these are things that councillors would like to see added to the budget – that have to be considered.

The mayor has been clear he will be supporting:

  • Time-based transfers for the TTC which will allow people to hop on and off transit without having to pay again and again.
  • Increases to the poverty reduction strategy, including implementing a fair fare pass to help those in our city who can’t necessarily afford to ride the TTC.
  • Increased investments in childcare.
  • Investments in additional traffic

Measures aimed at fighting congestion including permanent funding for quick clear squads and traffic wardens along with funding for smart, traffic-moving technology.

  • Funding for the city’s TransformTO plan to help us invest in a strong and resilient city.

So we’ve got some work to do but I’m confident we will find a way to support our key priorities and maintain a budget that invests in key areas while keeping tax increases as low as possible.

Our residents want us to build the city but they also appreciate that we strike the right balance – that we tighten spending, find efficiencies and don’t hike taxes sky-high.

There will be the usual disagreements – many will want us to simply raise taxes as high as possible and, once again, they will make outrageous claims about the proposed budget and its impacts.

Others may argue we should simply slash important services without thought to the true impact on our hardworking residents or not bother building up the city for the future.

Once again, for the fourth year in row I’m confident we will strike the right, responsible balance that people expect.

Thank you.