COVID-19 and Flu Vaccine Clinics

During the month of December, Access Point on Danforth (3079 Danforth Ave.)  will be hosting an on-going COVID-19 & flu vaccine clinics in collaboration with Feed Scarborough and Toronto Public Health. In the next two weeks, residents will have the chance to visit any of our three barrier-free pop-up clinics to receive their flu vaccine and/or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, [...]

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COVID-19 Update – Pediatric Vaccines

With the approval of pediatric vaccines for children under 5 years old, Scarborough Health Network (SHN) and the Scarborough Ontario Health Team (SOHT) are pleased to now offer vaccines for this new age group. Starting today, families may book an appointment or walk in for the pediatric Moderna vaccine for children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years [...]

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COVID-19 Vaccine Update

The Province of Ontario has now opened up eligibility for second boosters to adults aged 18 and over. Team Toronto network of more than 500 pharmacies, doctors' offices, City of Toronto-run clinics, mobile clinics, school clinics, and pop-up clinics are ready to deliver more booster doses when eligibility opens up. Effective July 14, individuals age 18 and older who received [...]

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City of Toronto update on Omicron Action Plan

City services and staffing impacts due to unplanned absences News Release January 4, 2022 Throughout the holiday period, the City of Toronto continued its rollout of the Toronto Omicron Action Plan to stop the spread of this highly-transmissible COVID-19 variant, which includes: increased vaccination capacity continued outreach and support to residents who need help elevated emergency response ongoing cooperation [...]

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Book Your Shot Today for a Better Tomorrow

As the Province and City lift restrictions, please continue to follow the recommended COVID-19 guidelines for vaccination. I encourage you to get your shot if you have not already done so, as vaccines saves lives and have helped us get onto the road to recovery. To book your vaccine please visit: Let's all do our part so that [...]

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